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IT / Cyber Security

The landscape for cyber risk is very high. This has put senior management and executives on the line for any breach that occurs in their environment. As a business executives, your task is to operate your business in a secure manner. This is to secure your customers and let them know you have them protected. If you are a regulated entity, it is a must that senior management has full oversight.

This is where Ren Technology Services (RTS) consultants can assist you with offering of:

  • Governance
  • Risk management overview
  • IT Security program review and development
  • Incident management
  • Business recovery
  • Business Continuity

Worldwide, cybercrime cost business around $400 billion a year according to various industry analysis reports. It can cost upwards of $5m for larger corporation when a data breach occurs. You as a small to medium size business need to make every precautions to combat any type of breach.

Are you ready for the next Cyber Attack? 97% of Businesses around the world is unprepared for todays’ cyber threats. Cyber thieves are using sophisticated methods to breach your data and staying a step ahead of them requires a team that think like them to implement countermeasures to thwart their attempts.

These cyber thieves are no longer using old methods of attack. They are using the leverage of your staff who uses mobile devices, clicking on email links arbitrary, and vulnerabilities within your environment to compromise your system and onto your data.

We can help you setup appropriate action to reduce your cyber risks to an acceptable level to your customers and the business.





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