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Enhanced Due-Diligence Services

Our professionals verify that your onboarding procedure and information is accurate.

IT/Cyber Security

We can help you setup appropriate action to reduce your cyber risks to an acceptable level to your customers and the business.

Website Consultancy

RTS website consultant is ready to use creative engineering initiatives to build your company website.

Ren Technology Services (RTS) offers a wide range of technology services. It does not matter if you are national or international .These are some of our consultancy offerings:

  • IT compliance programs
  • Enhanced due diligence
  • IT Security Services, and Web-Site Services.

Our office hours accommodate the needs of our customers, no matter your location.

Our team would respond to you in a timely manner. If there are any specific service-related questions or concerns about our services, we will be glad to discuss.



The offshore sector is highly scrutinized by countries that control the world's financial system. These countries have placed regulations on financial institutions to validate the identity of clients during the onboarding process.

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The possibility of a cyber risk is very high. New regulations now make senior management and executives accountable for any breaches that occur in their organization. As an executive, your task is to make sure that your organization operates securely.

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Your company agenda needs to be delivered clearly, assuring your customers that your product or services are best for them. Let RTS be the place for all your website needs. We provide a wide variety of website services.

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  • Are you a regulated entity?
  • Is your security program geared towards any international standard?
  • Do you have your controls tested independently by a third party?


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